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March 15th 2020:
Inserted a new video on my YouTube-site called
See You

January 31st 2020:
Inserted a new video in my YouTube-site called
travelling the stream of consciousness

Exhibition announcement:
November 5th 2019, a group exhibition will take place in Mortagua, Portugal, titled

3 Mundos na Arte - Three worlds in Art

- to see the complete announcement, please click the title above

Participants will be the sculpturer Armando Martinez, the painter Eduardo Ortun and me as a photographer.
It would be a pleasure for us to meet you at the Vernissage
at 6.30 pm at the Centro de Animacao cultural de Mortagua.

Some pages from my books


August 28th, 2019
Added a video to my YouTube channel. Photographs were made in Crest/Drome, France.

"Vous allez me manquer"

J'espère que vous allez reconnaitre.

August 28th, 2018
Added a special birthday-video to my YouTube channel
It is a visual Interpretation of a Poem titled "Auf einmal steht es neben dir..."
written by
Joachim Ringelnatz

German original:
Und auf einmal steht es neben dir

Und auf einmal merkst du äußerlich:
Wieviel Kummer zu dir kam,
Wieviel Freundschaft leise von dir wich,
Alles Lachen von dir nahm.
Fragst verwundert in die Tage.
Doch die Tage hallen leer.
Dann verkümmert Deine Klage -
Du fragst niemanden mehr.
Lernst es endlich, dich zu fügen,
Von den Sorgen gezähmt.
Willst dich selber nicht belügen
Und erstickst es, was dich grämt.
Sinnlos, arm erscheint das Leben dir,
Längst zu lang ausgedehnt. ---
Und auf einmal --: Steht es neben dir,
An dich angelehnt --
Das, was du so lang ersehnt.

English version
And suddenly it stands next to you

And suddenly you notice outwardly:
How much sorrow came to you,
How much friendship quietly fell apart,
And took all laughter from you.
You keep wondering in the days.
But the days are echoing empty.
Then your grievances wither away -
You do not ask anymore.
You learn to give in,
Tamed by the worries.
You do not want to lie to yourself
And stifle what grieves you.
Meaningless, poor, life seems to you,
Long stretched, for far too long. ---
And all of a sudden -: It stands next to you,
Leaning on you -
What you desired for so long.

version Francaise

Et soudain, c'est à côté de toi

Et soudain, tu remarque extérieurement:
Combien de chagrin t’est est venu,
Combien d'amitié cédait tranquillement,
Tous les rires sont pris de toi.
Etonnee tu demande dans les jours.
Mais les jours sont vides.
Alors ta plainte se termine -
Tu ne demande plus à personne.
Tu apprends à soumettre,
Apprivoisé par les soucis.
Tu ne veux pas te mentir
Et étouffe ce qui te chagrine.
Sans sense, et pauvre la vie te semble,
Etiré trop longtemps. ---
Et soudainement: c'est à côté de toi,
S'appuyant sur toi -
Ce que tu aspirais autant de temps.

A friend from Madagaskar provided me with a translation into her native language. I think Ringelnatz looking down from above would be very pleased to finally have found a way to make people over there read his text.
But I would like to keep that translation for me privately as the translator is a poet in her own, I consider her work a real gift. So, sorry to keep the best for me!

recitation: Günther Lüders
music: Martijn de Boer (NiGiD) Trio, (ft. aussens@iter, Javolenus)cc-license

August 24th, 2018
Added a video to my YouTube channel just click the title:
The longer journey, traveling the stream of consciousness

music: Martijn de Boer Rouge-Noir, cc- license

NEW - EXHIBITION : "Small Sizes"
June 20th 2018 until December 31st 2018
Cafe Rothe
19055 Schwerin / Germany
Puschkinstraße 14

daily from 9.a.m to 6 p.m.

Exhibition: "Some Selected Works"
June 4th - June 23rd
07.00 a.m. - 10.00 p.m. daily
Sunday closed

Schwerin /Germany

February 21st, 2018
Tried to revive my YouTube channel.

Soon those lonely two videos there shall be replaced by new ones.

11th Novemver - 24th December
10.00 a.m. - 12.00 a.m.
16.00 p.m. -
or on appointment
Vernissage November 11th 6.30 p.m. / 18.30 Uhr

Münzstraße 37

to go to the exhibition online though it is closed right now


or copy and paste the link below

August 11th 2017 - November 15th 2017
"Just a Moment"
Black and white photographs from 2013 - 2017

Vernissage: August 11th, 10.30h a.m.

Schwerin / Mecklenburg-Vorpommern - GERMANY

Ministry of Interior
near Lake "Pfaffenteich"

opening hours:
Monday to Thursday
8-12h a.m.
13.00-16.00h p.m

all images of the exhibition were printed by

Druckerei Hinzke Luebeck

and by
KreLab Helsingborg

July 7th, 2016

SAATCHI GALLERY - Saatchi Screen

One of my photographs with the title "urban/modern times - Lübeck" has been approved and will start appearing with other artists' works on screen at the 2nd floor of the
Saatchi Gallery, London, Kensington.
Unfortunately I cannot not go to London for personal reasons. I have not yet heard of two acquaintances who wanted to document the photograph in the gallery on their journey through Great Britain.
Two employees of the gallery however, independently confirmed that the picture in can be seen in the Saatchi Gallery, London, Kensington.

Maybe you at least can see it in London.
The work will remain in the loop as long as the screen is up. This is an ongoing project and an end date has not been decided yet.

NEWS May5, 2016

Starting today you may find some of my photographs in the gallery of KreLab / Helsingborg, Sweden
Just click their name.

Then go to "Gallery" and find the name in their artists' list. It is just the start. There will be more to be seen soon!

Have fun!

Last winter I made some photo books. Just have a look at some pages I selected.

A Story


All is One - One is All

Paris des Rêves

The Waves

"A Story" and "All is One - One is All" will be available for sale soon.
Unfortunately I cannot stick to the announced June date for personal reasons.

As soon as the shopping module is ready the books will be available from this site.

Comments on my site are highly appreciated.
My mail address:

Attention: The mail address ending
does NOT work anymore!

Concerning my photographs at Saatchi's site:
For the moment there is only one last photograph to be found on the following site:

Starting today you may find some of my photographs in the gallery of KreLab / Helsingborg, Sweden
Just click their name.

Then go to "Gallery" and find the name in their artists' list. It is just the start. There will be more to be seen soon!

Have fun!



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